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Evangeline Lilly Stills

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♥ Evangeline Lilly ♥ Kate Austen Stills ♥
Evangeline Lilly Stills

evikate_stills is an icon challenge community for the character known as Kate Austen & the beautiful actress who brings her to life, Evangeline Lilly.

The pictures will be provided for you (unless specified otherwise). From here you're allowed to submit up to 3 icons.
All icons must be Livejournal standard, no more than 40 kb, 100x100 px or less. Animations are NOT allowed. Textures, brushes, etc are okay to use but if you use a picture that was not provided for you, you will be disqualified.
Please submit your icon/s in the challenge post, in this format: the icon & image URL ..

You must not vote for yourself. If you do, you will be disqualified.
If you'd like to use one of the entries, wait for the winners to be announced and ask who's the maker. Be sure to give him/her full credit.

Mondays : New challenge goes up. You have until Friday to submit your icon.
Fridays : Voting for the current challenge will be posted.
Sundays : Voting ends, winners will be annouced.

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